Thursday, May 19, 2016

Garden Report

Time for an update from the garden.  Let's start with the established trees.

The early crop of Black Jack figs is tapering off, and you can see the trees are loaded with fruit that will ripen later this year for the main crop.

The olive trees are looking generous, too.  I'm deep watering all five of the olive trees this year, hoping they keep all their fruit until harvest.   So far, the outlook is promising.

Here's one of the Wonderful pomegranates that is starting to produce this year.  The fruit may be hard to see in the picture, because they're green right now, but it looks like we'll have a small crop of pomegranates.  The other pomegranate trees (another Wonderful and two Kashmir) are still getting acclimated.

I'm hoping for some elderberries.  After I planted this poor elderberry last year, I realized it was in the wrong place, so it got a double dose of transplant shock.  But it kept a good attitude, and it looks like we may get a few berries this year.


Here's the baby almond we planted just this spring, with its sentinel of scallions.  And for fun, there's a close-up of its buddy, the comfrey plant.  The orange and peach trees we planted about the same time are also looking strong, although we won't get fruit from any of them yet this year.


Check out the Chunky Monkey patch!  This bed is mostly banana, peanut, and taro.  I saw my first-ever peanut blossom (close-up above).  Know what's weird?  The blossoms smell like peanuts.  I guess I should have expected that.

That's all the pictures for now.  I'll have a post coming out soon about biomimicry in business.