- Rent a greener home?
- Have a say in the management of that home?
- Lower their utility bills?
- Grow their own food?
- Reduce pollution and garbage?

The progressive property management model at Sage Garden Ecovillas invites residents to do all these things.

Sage Garden Ecovillas is a member of Sage Garden Service Group

It's a multifamily home in northwest Mesa with 4 separate "ecovillas," 3 of which are for rent. But this is no ordinary apartment complex. Located at 1866 N Pima St - near McKellips and Center - this space is dedicated to the development and practice of a cooperative property management model and regenerative business theory in general. There are 2 bedroom homes, each with 880 sq ft and a 1 bedroom home with 600 sq ft.

The mission of Sage Garden is to manage suburban living space in a way that's environmentally, economically, and socially responsible; to use sustainable systems and practices to benefit the environment while reducing monthly expenses; and to give residents a voice in the management and development of the premises. The management approach at Sage Garden Ecovillas emphasizes conversation, invitation instead of pressure, and practicing over preaching.

OK that was a lot of abstract language, so ...

In some ways, Sage Garden Ecovillas operates like other apartments.  There is a resident application form and screening process.  There is a signed lease agreement with all the standard clauses.  And here's where things start to diverge from your typical apartment complex. 

Here are just a few other practical aspects that make Sage Garden Ecovillas different:
  • Instead of the standard approach to lease contracts which is technical ("how-centered"), compulsive-prohibitive, and rigid, often leading to odious bonds that have a degenerative social effects, we co-create our written agreements using an approach called "this or better" that's more purposive ("why-centered"), supportive, and adaptive and therefore more empowering and socially regenerative.
  • Instead of a traditional landlord or property manager, there is an onsite caretaker who tends to the site, and an administrator who runs the business and facilitates the continual collaborative design and growth of Sage Garden.
  • Active residents participate in proposing, prioritizing, evaluating, selecting, and scheduling projects.  We evaluate projects based on multiple "bottom lines."
  • Residents are invited to watch or to participate in projects, to whatever extent is practical.  Some projects may even involve non-residents from the neighborhood or from other areas of the Phoenix valley.
  • Residents are welcome to harvest fresh produce from the gardens.
  • Because Sage Garden is a practical expression of progressive business theory, experimental programs are continually being developed and tested.
For more details, see the In Practice tab.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to reach out and say hi, here's my contact information.  I'm Jason Trotter, by the way, and I'm the current administrator

Phone: 480 326 8199
Email: SageGardenEcovillas@gmail.com
Mail: 1866 N Pima St  #3
      Mesa, AZ  85201

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